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Same Day Direct

Sometimes, things just have to be sent right now, and even waiting until the end of the day won’t do. We, Taz Delivery, truly understand the meaning of the word ‘urgent’ and our priority courier service is tailored around it. Most importantly of all, we have the resources to get it done.


Same Day

Our time efficient, speedy and reliable solutions are designed to make sure deliveries happen when it suits you, with proper care taken of your items. We’re flexible, we’re professional, and we are  specialist in logistics management. We will always seek the most effective solution.



Our overnight service means you can go to bed knowing that your item is on the road and wake up safe knowing that it’s already been delivered, thanks to our carefully chosen team of partners and our dedicated round-the-clock customer service staff.

About Us

Do you need something urgent delivered now? Well, you can have it today! That’s our job! We handle important or urgent items every day of the week, with guaranteed delivery, almost anywhere in the UK. We’re fast, we’re flexible, we collect and we deliver.

Founded in 2011, we are the specialists in freight transportation by road. We operate nationally, but we make the service feel local to you.



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